Małopolski Instytut Kultury

fot. A. Kuczara

Muzeobranie, an innovative initiative undertaken by the Małopolska Institute of Culture, began in 2004. Its main aim was to promote the idea of “an open museum,” that is a museum which is an active centre of contemporary culture as well as a partner for a local community.  This objective was to be achieved through the cooperation of the Małopolska Institute of Culture with museums located in the region. This cooperation was to last all year long and was to lead to the development of innovative methods of cooperation with recipients as well as the joint creation of the educational benefits of the museums. During the years 2007–2009, in three subsequent editions of the project, the Małopolska Institute of Culture cooperated with the Regional Chamber of the Andrychów Land in Andrychów. In the course of the analysis of the exhibits and documents collected by the Chamber, the staff of the Małopolska Institute of Culture found very interesting information on entrepreneurial peasants, the production of flaxen fabrics known as drelich was discovered and its resulting commerce throughout Europe – from Barcelona to Istanbul. The temporary exhibition “Cooperation brings benefits. How artisans from the Andrychów centre cooperated” and permanent visitor paths in the Chamber were prepared based on the educational and promotional potential of local history. Also printed materials and educational workshops referring to the social and economic history of Andrychów were prepared and a prototype of the game was developed, which was available for playing during the Muzeobranie event (initially in a very simple form and with modest graphic design). Before the currency (mountain gold pieces) was printed, players had used bean seeds instead of money! But there had to be something at the beginning…

A prototype of the game was honoured with the patronage of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation 2009. In 2010, the final version of the game was prepared and tested with the participation of pupils. Its attractiveness and innovative character is proven by the fact that in December 2010 the Małopolska Institute of Culture received the title of the Regional Leader of Innovations and Development and a distinction in the competition for the National Leader of Innovation and Development – 2010.

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